Football when it suits you

Play unlimited football in Valencia on unique spots from just €12,99 per month 

The Freedom to Play

At FC Urban we don’t do team obligations or playing schedules.
Just a game of football wherever and whenever it suits you.

The Freedom to Play Football

The easiest way to play football in Valencia
Subscribe for the game you would like to join, show up and enjoy the match! We will balance the teams, supply all match essentials, and track your statistics.

How it works

  • noun_soccer_1844196 Choose your match, count yourself in and join as a member or make the one-off payment to confirm your spot
  • noun_soccer_1844196 You will receive a Whatsapp confirmation of your match on the game day
  • noun_soccer_1844196 We provide balls, bibs and an FC Urban Master to take care of the game
  • noun_soccer_1844196 Enjoy your game of footy and get your win/goal stats logged
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Experiences FC Urban Players

A membership that’s more than just a football club

Use your membership in 15 cities in Europe

Invite your friends to play and get rewarded

Get your football stats tracked