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It’s free for FC Urban members, non-members pay €4,99 per session

FC Urban Footcamp: Stay Fit, Stay Safe

Unfortunately, we will not be able to play football games for some more time.

In the meantime, FC Urban Footcamp is the way to stay fit and to be ready for the football games when they start again!

It’s free for FC Urban members. It is open to non-members as well, in which case the price is €4,99 per session.

Footcamp is the very first bootcamp designed for football players. 

During the Footcamp we will focus on getting fitter, stronger, and faster by exercises with a ball.

This is the way to work on your technique before the games start again!

How does it work?

All Footcamp training sessions will be approximately 60 minutes long, depending on its intensity. The session is capped at 7-9 participants and all exercises are designed to keep a 1,5 meter distance between all participants.

The Footcamp session is designed to get fitter, stronger, and faster in a fun way by always using a ball.

The FC Urban Trainer is there to welcome you and will lead the session.

You will receive a confirmation of your spot in the session on the day itself. The confirmation includes info such as the time, location and appropriate attire for the Footcamp.

FC Urban will provide all materials (balls, etc.). You do not have to worry about any of that.

For the sessions on the beach, you don’t need any shoes. For all other sessions, sport shoes are sufficient.

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It’s free for FC Urban members, non-members pay €4,99 per session

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