Play Football whenever, wherever it suits you!

Our mission

At FC Urban we believe that passion is never-ending. Wherever we are, whatever we do, passion makes us tick & brings us together.
We at FC Urban bring passion further to life by connecting people through our common love for football.

FC Urban provides you the freedom to play football on unique spots when it suits you!

We connect locals, internationals, expats & students within cool urban cities with the dream to build the biggest football club & community in the world.

Become part of our community, play football, meet people and give your urban lifestyle a whole new experience!

Our core


We provide football matches, on-demand, on unique urban spots. Every day we host FC Urban games on multiple spots in the city, 5v5 to 8v8. We keep track of your football stats in an individual ranking in which you can win monthly prizes. Check out our memberships, spots & games.


Play football matches whenever, wherever it suits you. Pure football & pure freedom. FC Urban meets your lifestyle. No strict & rigid days, times or locations. Sign up online, just show up & we will take care of the rest (balls, bibs, balanced teams & referees).


Winning is important, fun even more. Fun & joy are our core drivers and engage us before, during and after the matches. Football is emotion and we don’t stay away from strong competition as long as it is driven by fun. 


At FC Urban we create a platform for friendship, football as a means to bring people together. Easy access to a community of people with various backgrounds, locals & internationals. Besides football matches we also organize football tournaments & social events and connect you to other local urban activities!

Our 5 principles

At FC Urban we, members & non members, are all driven by 5 fundamental principles. Our principles supports us in making a big success of FC Urban & build further on our dream to become the biggest football club in the world:

1.   We are all one team driven by our passion

2.   We are engaged by having fun

3.   We respect each other, always.

4.   We play together & motivate each other to get the best out of everyone

5.   We involve & connect people developing ourselves socially & physically together

FC Urban in Spain

FC Urban started in Amsterdam and is already globally available in multiple cities in the Netherlands & the UK. With our memberships you are able to play in all FC Urban cities worldwide. 

FC Urban Spain is established by Pim & Matthijs and started its Spanish journey in Valencia, with the main goal to build the best FC Urban experience for you and to grow towards multiple cities in Spain to connect more and more people to our community!

Meet us at our urban spots, we hope to see you soon!

Pim & Matthijs